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Friday, March 13, 2009

St. Patty's Day Party Cheat!


St. Patty's Day Party is here! As usual, the graphics are a-m-a-z-i-n-g! I especially like the Wishing Well at the Ski Village and the Magic Pot at the Leprechaun House. Take a look!

Click the Magic Pot to release a rainbow schweeeet! The Wishing Well, umm, I guess you can get a coin from the Pot of Gold nearby :D

In Club Penguin, Gold at the End of the Rainbow aint a myth!

Newest Pin "Lucky Coin" at the Mountain

You can find the end of the rainbow, the pot of gold, as well as, the newest PIN at the mountain! :D

Free Party Item "Shamrock Hat" for EVERYONE
at the Coffee Shop

Argh! Here's another STAB to all the really old and rare Penguins. Rare items are being ANNIHILATED!!! CP calls it EQUALITY, I call it INDESCRIBABLY UNFAIR!!! marah

Free Party Item "Accordion" for Members Only
at the Leprechaun House in the Forest

I reserve my comment about "For Members Only" for another post... You can find the Accordion in the "Members Only Can Enter" Leprechaun House. It's in the forest.

Here are the rest of the rooms, decorated for St. Patty's Day. CP never fails when in comes to graphics.

These Pics are Untagged so You may Copy and Use Them
Any Way You Like. No Need to Ask Permission :D
(Click Image for Larger View)

Come to think of it, they never fail to disappoint the RARE PENGUINS either. fikir

My penguin isn't rare but I feel for the old ones. It seems like CP (Disney? maybe both) is slowly killing the rare penguins one-by-one.

This makes me inexplicably sad sad sad... putuscinte


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

CREEPY! + HORRIBLE! + CP Times Newspaper = ???

So Billybob just gave me THE 5TH CREEP! Yikes! (Thanks Minun25 for letting me know :D)

The newest sneak peek was posted yesterday at Billybob's Blog on CP. Guess what it is!

It's Penguin Play Awards, very much like my Grand Carpet Event in January 10 2009. That was only 2 months ago.

BB said "...The First Penguin Play Awards event is here... ...members can walk from the red carpet into the Stage where there will be so many ways to be a part of the show..."

And here is what I said in my own Penguin Awards Event...

Here are some pics from THAT post

This was the Invitation that I made and posted in January 6 2009
It was a formal affair that requires Black Tie and Long Gown Outfits.
BB said in his CP Blog in March 4 2009
(2 months after CPCrazy Awards Event):

"Check it out for some fancy black-tie outfits
that'll help you get ready for the Penguin Play Awards show."

This was the Stage where some Winners got their Penguin Trophies.
I made this Penguin Trophy so you won't find it anywhere else.
Unless somebody copied it hehehe

This was the Red Carpet where the Winners walked on
and where Papparrazzis stood behind the lines
with their Cameras to take Pictures

This was the Red Envelope where
the names of the Winners were written

I called it CREEEEPY, Minun25 called it SPOOKY...
So what do you say? :D

On other news... one of my best online buds Minun25 emailed about something really really really HORRIBLE! Really! Argh! I thought CP was completely safe... apparently, I was wrong...

This part will be updated when new CP Times newspaper comes out later :D

Your Reaction:
So what's your answer to the title:
CREEPY! + HORRIBLE! + New CP Times = _____________
Tell me what you think!


Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I sort of botched up the White Puffle Arrival Prediction and YOU GUYS are toooo nice to tell me that I fell flat on my face about it! peluk hahaha!

On THAT post, I predicted that the White Puffles will be not be released on Rockhopper's Arrival but rather, they might be released when they finally use the SNOW that are being collected in the Ski Lodge since December 2008.

Well, RH did not, on his arrival, bring with him the white puffles. So I am still correct in my prediction. Now, Billybob said that the White Puffles will be ready for adoption this Friday (Thanks Goofy73 & Speek for the info!).

If we don't see tons and tons of snow on Friday, then I would say my prediction is half right and half wrong. BUT if we do see lotsa snow on Friday, then I would say, "Bah Matey! You still got 'em spectacular speculation on the bull's eye!" teehee :D

I am completely loving my new outfit! Look here...

I am Inspector Pirate Ninja Cape Crusaderrrrrr!

Let's wait and see 'til Friday! ketukmeje

Ciao! babai


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